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Server Room Enclosures, Racks and Enclosures

Available in a variety of heights, depths, and widths, these fully welded enclosures offer a wide array of accessories to meet the specific storage requirements of virtually all IT equipment. MBI Group can provide the best solution for your Server Room. Contact us to get more information or to schedule an appointment.

Two Post Rack, Eaton Two Post Racks
Two-post seismic rack is tested to GR-63-Core shock and vibration to a load of 900 lb.
Two Post Rack, Two Post Enclosure, Eaton Two Post Racks
Two-post rack (shown with three-inch uprights) assembles quickly with standard hand tools.

Two Post Rack & Enclosure

Eaton® extends its enclosure and cable management product portfolio with two-post rack products that meet a variety of application requirements for network closets, server rooms and data centers. Cable management is one of the critical functions of two-post racks, and the vertical and horizontal management systems offered for the two-post rack provide flexibility and robust performance.

Two-post racks and associated cable management accessories provide the primary mounting and cabling infrastructure in a wide range of premise wiring applications and data center communication centers.

For applications in seismically active regions or where anchorage is required, Eaton offers the three- and six inch upright racks which have OPA approvals (California).
The two-post seismic rack has been tested to NEBS GR-63-Core up to a weight load of 900 pounds.

Four Post Rack, Four Post Enclosure

Four Post Rack

• Provides nearly 360 degrees of accessibility and unrestricted airflow
• Ships unassembled for cost effective logistics and assembles
quickly using standard hand tools
• Allows for depth adjustments in one-inch increments (30-36 in.)
• Includes permanently stamped rack-mount unit (U) markings
• Comes in a 45U height (84 inches)
• Has EIA/ECA-310-E universal hole patterns
• Complements any data center with its aluminum (uprights) and
steel (cross and adjustment members) construction and flat black powder coat
• Holds up to repeated relocation with its simple, durable design
• Accommodates UPS, ePDU, cable management equipment and other accessories
• Meets UL60950 Standard (UL E171936)


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