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(Rack-mounted Power Distribution or Floor-based Power Distribution) Whether you need integrated rack-mount power distribution within rack enclosures or power anywhere in your data center, MBI Group can provide a full line of power distribution equipment. Contact us to get more information or to schedule an appointment.

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Rack-mounted Power Distribution (RPM)

The RPM delivers up to 36 kW of power to loads of various voltages, power cords and layouts. The 3U RPM can be deployed in the same rack with the UPS and IT equipment; there’s no need for a dedicated infrastructure rack. The resulting architecture has fewer cables to manage, fewer distribution points to monitor, and greater flexibility for IT personnel to make changes without an electrician.

  • Provides plug-and-play primary distribution of power from three-phase input source to secondary power distribution devices
  • Serves data center loads with various voltages, power cord configurations and layouts
  • Distributes three-phase power to 12 poles, grouped into two sets of six poles, with choice of output receptacle types
  • “Power equalizer” LED display gives quick visual indication of each circuit's load, reducing possibility of overloads and breakers tripped off line
  • Load information available from the front of the rack, no need to check individual power strips in the rear of the cabinet (hot isle)
  • Branch circuit monitoring option allows easy load monitoring over the network
  • Installs in only 3U of space in EIA 19” rack or enclosure (or wall-mounted)
  • Enables customer installation and changes without the services of an electrician

Floor-based Power Distribution Rack (PDR)

Flexible, high-density power distribution for rack environments

• Flexible power distribution with up to 168 factory-installed branch breakers in a highly compact footprint
• Designed for high-density racks, with 400A panels and high power inputs
• Aesthetically pleasing design, with an elegant rack enclosure in textured black finish
• Free-standing unit with top and bottom cable entry for fast, flexible installation
• Front and/or rear access, column power panels, large LCD for ease of servicing
• Extensive monitoring options, including the Eaton® Energy Management System
• Optional branch circuit monitoring to manage and monitor power down to individual circuits
• Detailed event and trend information to support capacity planning and avoid unexpected breaker tripping
• Factory-configured and tested to ensure highest reliability

Remote Power Panel (RPP)

The Eaton Remote Power Panel (RPP) provides big power in a choice of two cabinet sizes; standard or rack depth. The small footprint of the standard RPP is perfect for space cramped facilities or an end-of-row distribution solution. The Rack RPP provides seamless integration into data center white space by matching standard IT rack dimensions. The expanded dimensions of the Rack RPP allow for even easier installation with improved wiring and service space. Either RPP can be configured with up to four high-density panelboards (400A Main Breaker), providing 168 poles of power distribution in a free standing structure. Loaded with Eaton’s advanced Energy Management System (EMS), understanding your facilities power distribution and characteristics has never been easier.

Easy Service and Startup
Reduce installation time and save on startup costs
• Backed by Eaton's extensive network of over 240 field technicians for fast reliable service
• Ample cabling space between panelboards (up to five inches)
• Standard top and bottom cable access for more flexible installation options
• Easily removable side and rear covers with captive hardware

Monitoring and Connectivity
To understand your power profile
• Eaton’s Energy Management System (EMS) provides state-of-the-art monitoring and alarming provisions
• Stores load profiling for up to 24 months
• PXGX PDP communication card allows for daisy chaining multiple RPPs together, reducing individual network drops to your power equipment
• Monitor the RPP from any computer without software through the integrated web interface, or easily integrate into existing building management systems or Eaton's Power Xpert Software
• Up to 100A branch breaker CTs available
• Auxiliary contact in panel main breaker to interface with third-party monitoring

Protecting employees, contractors and service personnel
• Protective trim panels cover panelboard wiring from accidental contact
• Separation between High/Control voltage sections for safer servicing
• Shunt trip in panel main breakers

Aesthetics and Flexibility
Providing the right form-factor for any application
• Clean professional appearance in facilities and data centers
• Rack RPP is designed to integrate directly with IT racks in the white space
• Available see through doors
• Panel board location flexibility (single panel selection either on top or bottom)
• Rack style (mesh) door available on Rack RPP


Eaton Basic ePDUs

Designed for reliable and cost effective power distribution, Basic ePDUs have the form factor and receptacle choices to meet the needs of the demanding data center architect. With power levels ranging from 1.4 kW all the way to 17 kW, Eaton has the right Basic ePDU for any application. The new ePDU G3 Basic models feature Eaton’s patented IEC outlet grip plug retention, color-coded outlet sections, a low-profile form factor and a high operating temperature.


Eaton Managed ePDUs

Eaton Managed ePDUs allow you to monitor and control critical factors such as voltage, current and power factor. This level of information allows you to make the right decision when it comes to energy consumption in your data center. Integrated with Eaton's management software, you can control these units from any computer on the network server.


Eaton Advanced Monitored ePDUs

Designed for high-density, mission-critical server applications, the Advanced Monitored ePDU provides maximum power for both standard and blade servers. Employing multiple configurations, the Easy-Read LCD screen and remote power management with distinctly colored circuits, the ePDU ensures easy management and monitoring down to the outlet level.


Eaton Metered Input ePDUs

Eaton Metered Input ePDUs provide remote monitoring of the current draw of individual sections via network communication. This capability, combined with state-of-the-art software allows you to aggregate the information from many ePDUs in one location. A local display is also available for phase balancing and for easy start-up and provisioning of servers. New ePDU G3 Metered Input models feature best-in-class technologies, including ±1% billing grade accuracy, an advanced LCD pixel display, a hot-swap meter and the ability to daisy chain four ePDUs to share the same network connection and IP address.

Description: Eaton Switched ePDUs

Eaton Switched ePDUs

Designed for data centers needing remote site management, the switched ePDU provides remote power monitoring of both voltage and current. The current is also displayed on a local two-digit current meter. These units also monitor both temperature and humidity. The Switched ePDUs employ multiple configurations, available in 0U and 2U rack mount, and 42” or 66” vertical lengths. They also provide individual on/off/reboot control of up to 36 receptacles. The control interface is highly customizable with multiple functions and flexibility to send either SNMP traps or e-mail alerts.


Eaton FlexPDU & HotSwap MBP

The Eaton FlexPDUs are designed to increase power distribution from a single UPS and provide more flexibility.

The Eaton HotSwap Maintenance Bypass enhances availability by providing service continuity in all situations and facilitates hot-swappable battery replacement.

Power Quality Metering Product (IQ100 Meter Series)

Providing the first line of defense against costly power problems, Eaton’s new IQ 100 electronic power meters can perform the work of an entire wall of legacy metering equipment utilizing today’s technology. Eaton’s IQ 100 meters use 24-bit AD converters that sample at more than 400 samples per cycle and meet ANSI C12.20 standards for accuracy of 0.5 percent. With such high-performance measurement capability, these meters can be confidently used for primary revenue metering and sub metering applications. Eaton’s IQ 100 meters provide direct-reading metered values for the most critical power aspects, such as watts, watt demand, watthours, voltage, amperes (VA), VA-hours, vars, varhours and power factor.
Typical applications

  • Utility and commercial metering
  • Substations, industrial facilities, power generation sites and campuses
  • Sub metering
  • Load studies and voltage recording
  • Analog meter replacement

There are three offerings in the new IQ100 series: IQ130, IQ140, IQ150. Each builds on the previous.


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