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Our telecom power solution range includes AC and DC power systems, power and ancillary equipment management software, cabinets and enclosures, and other products. MBI Group offers a wide range of DC secure power services including power quality evaluation, sizing, design consultancy, installation and commissioning, full project management and turnkey integration. Please contact MBI Group to get more information or to schedule a free, on-site assessment of your needs.


Eaton has a range of low cost yet sophisticated battery chargers designed to optimally charge sealed and flooded lead acid batteries. These chargers are lightweight and compact switched mode types that utilize leading edge technology to automatically and reliably recharge your battery asset. These chargers are designed for simple wall or desktop type installations, and for straightforward plug-in connection to the AC mains supply. For charging of sealed or dry lead acid batteries, only a sophisticated automatic charger like the Eaton type can ensure proper and warrantable charging.
Eaton has two ranges, one suited to domestic applications and the other to industrial applications.


2000W Energy Saver Rectifier
The Enterprise DC UPS is fully compatible with Eaton’s Energy Saver DC Rectifier which offers system efficiency of over 96%. All of Eaton’s modular rectifiers offer capacity increments that can closely match load growth for optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness. All of Eaton’s rectifiers offer high peak-efficiency profiles and very wide efficiency–load profiles which further helps to ensure the system is operating at, or near peak efficiency, for most loads.

DC-to-AC Inverters

• Highly reliable proven DC architecture and telecom grade equipment
• High efficiency operation – over 96% with Energy Saver Rectifiers
• Cost effective and simple expansion - add capacity with modular increments
• Long reserve run times
• Maintenance-free life
• Safe, simple installation – 48Vdc ‘plug and go’ auto-configuration
• Extensive LAN/WAN communications capabilities
• Sophisticated automated system & battery monitoring and control
• Compact 2U or 3U (including distribution) rack mounting
• Modular slim-line ‘plug and go’ batteries


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