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About CUC

As professional utility consultants, our mission is to ensure that your utility purchases are at the lowest possible cost.

Since 1975, Commercial Utility Consultants has been providing energy savings for commercial and industrial businesses as well as private and governmental agencies throughout the United States.

Complex and ever changing utility rate schedules together with electric deregulation and gas deregulation have created various billing alternatives. Deregulation in the telecommunication industry has also provided tremendous cost reduction alternatives. It is important that the rate schedule applied to each utility account is the most economical arrangement available. Overcharges resulting from billing errors and miscalculations by the regulated utility company and deregulation providers are also eliminated through the use of our service.

Our client list is comprised of an impressive mix of large manufacturers, commercial real estate companies, as well as government and educational institutions. We represent the largest steel company in the world as well as your favorite bakery or brewery. See for yourself what our clients have said about our services.