CUC - Commercial Utility Consultants Inc.
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The CUC Process

CUC has been in business and finding savings as well as obtaining refunds for clients on utility bills since 1975.

  • Our initial analysis includes a review of historical billing information provided by your present utility providers. We ask that you sign a letter of authorization that allows CUC to contact each utility directly to request historical billing information on each of your utility accounts.
  • CUC then analyzes the information provided by the various utilities to determine the accuracy of each billing. Where any mistake has been made, we take the necessary steps to secure a refund or a credit for our clients.
  • More importantly, from the information obtained in utility billing histories, we can determine which rate or billing arrangement is most advantageous for your future use. As a commercial or industrial consumer of any utility, there are various rates, riders and discounts that your utility accounts may qualify for but are not being applied to your billings. Analyzing past and present usage levels allows us to determine the most economical rate for future billings.
  • All recommendations for potential savings are made in writing and presented to you for approval. These recommendations include an estimate of the annual savings based on your previous usage. Our Agreement specifically states that all recommendations are subject to your approval and that CUC shall only be paid for recommendations which you choose to implement.
  • Our fee for this service is based strictly on performance. Our Agreement calls for CUC to receive 50% of any credit or refund that we can secure from our analysis of your past billings along with an equal sharing of any savings on future billings for a maximum period of 60 months. Many of the recommendations that we make do not last for the entire 60 month period of shared savings and would be limited to the period that the discount or rider is applied to the account. If a savings implemented by CUC does extend to 60 months, then that savings almost always will be applied to your bills for as long as your account is active.
  • CUC only invoices for savings, credits or refunds after they appear on your billings. All invoices are based on actual savings and never on projected savings.

Please contact our office should you have any questions.